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Case Study: How Grønt Punkt Used Influencer Marketing to Promote Recycling

July 25, 2017

Spread a message with social and influencer marketing

Written by Leslie

Case Study: Grønt Punkt's Influencer Campaign

The Challenge

Grønt Punkt (Green Dot) is an Oslo-based organization that operates a recycling lottery program. In the program, Grønt Punkt encourages consumers to recycle cardboard milk and juice cartons with their names and phone numbers on them for a chance to win 1,014 EUR. They wanted to create a campaign that was driven by user generated content to spread awareness of the program.

The Solution

Grønt Punkt created an influencer marketing campaign where they collaborated with 35 Instagram influencers to achieve their overall goal of reaching out to young people on social media and encouraging them to recycle. The influencers posted creative photos and videos of them participating in the recycling program, while sharing their content with the hashtag #returkartonglotteriet.

The Results

Case Study: How Grønt Punkt Used Influencer Marketing to Promote Recycling

Collaborations With Key Influencers

- Football Freestyler Tobias Becs (@tobiasfreestyle)

Tobias Becs is a 25-year-old social media influencer and professional football freestyler who performs amazing football tricks. He has won multiple international awards in football freestyling, and he often posts videos of him performing tricks in stunning landscapes. 

In his collaboration with Grønt Punkt, Tobias posted a video of him kicking a milk carton, with some football freestyling flair, into a trash can far away. His fun video enabled him to promote Grønt Punkt's recycling program in his own creative way, which fueled interest in the program and resulted in a 2.2% engagement rate. 

Grønt Punkt reposted Tobias' video on their Facebook page, which initiated great conversation about recycling among youths. The video received great engagement, with more than 100 people commenting (eg: "we should also return bottles like this") and tagging their friends in the post. 

- Fitness Trainer Stine Hartmann (@stinehar)

Stine Hartmann is a social media influencer and fitness trainer who wants to inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle by exercising. Stine created a workout concept called running DJ/pop up DJ, where people can run while having fun with music.  

In her collaboration with Grønt Punkt, Stine posted a video of her exercising with a milk carton. She had created a milk carton workout routine and published it for her audience to follow, and she was successful in motivating them to exercise in a unique way while promoting Grønt Punkt's campaign. Her followers were fascinated with her creativity, which led to 40,585 views of her video and a 3.59% engagement rate.


Grønt Punkt's influencer marketing campaign was successful in showcasing their ability to promote an inspiring environmental initiative by partnering with a diverse group of influencers. The influencers' creative posts fueled interest in Grønt Punkt's recycling program, and the campaign generated an impressive 17,000 engagements, with each engagement costing 0,30 EUR.

Additionally, Grønt Punkt recognized the value of the influencers' great content, and they re-used their favorite pieces in a Facebook Ads campaign in an effort to target their key audience. Their campaign initiated great conversation around recycling among youths on Facebook, and it was able to reach an additional 300,000 people. is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers across the globe. Register or schedule a demo for free to start searching for influencers near you!

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