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Calculate what you'll get from the money you spend on influencer marketing, so you can launch campaigns with confidence. Play around with the numbers and see how it changes your results!

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Who’s this Campaign Spend Calculator for?

This calculator is for brands and agencies who are looking to better understand what results they can expect from their campaign budgets. They can also use it to determine the budgets they need to achieve the results they’re looking for.

What will it show me?

The Campaign Spend Calculator calculates the estimated results for your influencer marketing campaign on Instagram.

You’ll get:

  • The number of influencers you can expect to work with
  • The number of Instagram posts & stories that the influencers can produce
  • The engagement, reach, and impressions you can achieve in your campaign

What are reach, impressions, and engagements?

Reach is the number of users who actually see the influencers’ content. It’s often mistakenly believed to be the total number of followers influencers have.

Impressions are the number of times users saw the influencers’ content.

Engagements measure the interaction users have with influencers’ content. It totals the number of likes and comments on posts.

How do I use the Campaign Spend Calculator?

If you’re wondering what results to expect from your influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram, this Campaign Spend Calculator will help. Start by answering four questions:

  1. Under "Your campaign budget," select your currency and enter the budget you’re planning to spend in the campaign.
  2. Under "Average following per influencer," indicate the average follower size you’d like each influencer to have in the campaign.
  3. Under "Number of posts per influencer," enter the number of posts you want each influencer to produce in the campaign.
  4. Under "Number of stories per influencer," enter the number of stories you want each influencer to produce in the campaign.

The Campaign Spend Calculator allows you to play around with your campaign budget and average following per influencer, so you can see how they both impact your estimated results.

How does this tool help me?

Knowing what results to expect from your campaign will enable you to:

  • Remove uncertainty: You can calculate estimated results using real data to present internally to your team or clients.
  • Justify budgets: It’ll be easier to get budgets dedicated towards influencer marketing when you can show your team what they’ll be getting out of it.
  • Benchmark results: You can use the estimated results as your benchmark, so you’ll know how your campaign performed.

How many influencers should I use in my campaign?

This will depend on your budget.

Different types of influencers - nano-, micro-, and macro- influencers, have their benefits. Nano- and micro-influencers have a highly engaged following, while macro-influencers are great for reach.

If you’re working with smaller budgets, macro-influencers might be out of reach. But to ensure you’re getting a good volume of content and reach, you can work with a mix of nano- and micro-influencers. Because these types of influencers typically cost less, you’ll also be able to invite more to your campaign.

If you’re working with larger budgets, you should consider working with a mix of micro- and macro- influencers. This will give you a good mix of reach, content, and engagement. You can even consider increasing the amount of content from each influencer in the campaign.

What should my campaign budget be?

For the best results, influencer marketing should be integrated into your core marketing strategy. We recommend using 20-30% of your yearly marketing budget for influencer marketing.

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How do I use my campaign budget to pay influencers?

Payments to influencers are affected by various factors, such as how they perform in reach and engagement.

To get an accurate estimate of how much you’ll be paying each influencer, use our Instagram Pricing Calculator.

Do the results take any handling fees into account?

No, the results don’t consider any additional handling fees you might pay a platform service or agency.

We recommend subtracting the fee from your campaign budget for more accurate campaign estimates.