Run multiple campaigns at a time, from start to finish

Everything you need to scale your influencer marketing collaborations and reach your audience with content they love.

5 simple steps
to manage your campaigns

Choose relevant creators
for your collaborations

Reach your ideal audience and identify who's best suited for your brand. Review the personality traits, gender, age, country, hashtags, and mentions of creators and their audience, then save your favorites to lists.

Launch multiple
campaigns with ease

Ready, set, launch! Save time by using simple tools to create your campaigns. Just select a customizable brief template, add a list of your favorite creators, and pay them securely.

Manage your
collaborations effectively

Stay on top of your campaigns. All your collaborations are kept in a visual and intuitive overview, so you can manage them simultaneously, track their progress, and send bulk messages.

Measure and improve
your campaigns over time

Make better decisions with data. Analyze the results of your collaborations in real-time and get actionable insights to improve your future campaigns.

Extend the reach
of your creator content

Get the most out of your collaborations. Repost content on social media or use it in ads to reach a broader audience. Simply download the content or promote it directly from the platform.

Success stories

See how brands are using to create content at scale

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