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Use our calculator to determine creator fees and maximize your ROI.

A fully managed process, from A to Z

Scale your campaign results — not headcount — with us

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Succeed with content creators

A simple managed process that delivers impressive results

Based on your objectives, we’ll help formulate strategies to execute impactful campaigns that will boost your success with content creators. Our team of industry experts and our proprietary technology are here to support you with every aspect of your campaigns: finding creators, drafting briefs, managing communications, delivery personalized reports, and maximizing your ROI.

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Succeed with content creators

Our approach

We’ll execute on your objectives and deliver optimal results

1. You’ll be enabled to succeed

  • Strategies tailored to your needs

    Based on our experience and your campaign objectives, we’ll develop an effective strategy and draft your briefs.

  • Relevant creator recommendations

    By utilizing our proprietary technology, we can screen thousands of profiles to find creators that match your brand.

  • Campaign budget optimization

    We ensure you get the most out of your campaign budget, while providing creators with a fair fee.

1. You’ll be enabled to succeed

2. Your campaigns will be effectively managed

  • Fully managed creator coordination

    Our dedicated customer success team will handle all communications with creators and make sure your campaigns run smoothly.

  • Adherence to local marketing regulations

    Marketing regulations can vary from country to country, so we’ll confirm that all content is fully compliant with local regulations.

  • Creator payments combined into 1 invoice

    To simplify your payment process, you’ll receive 1 invoice for all the creators in your campaign.

2. Your campaigns will be effectively managed

3. You’ll receive personalized results

  • Access to reusable content

    To repurpose content more easily, you’ll have access to a Content Library that contains all content from your campaigns — usage rights included.

  • Campaign overview in real-time

    We’ll provide you with a Dashboard where you can follow the progress and view the results of your campaigns in real-time.

  • Customized reporting

    We’ll summarize your campaigns in in-depth reports so you can make every campaign you launch better than the last.

3. You’ll receive personalized results

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Our work

Take your content to the next level

Learn how major brands have used inzpire.me to leverage creators to drive sales and create content at scale.

30 creators
60 pieces of content
279,080 followers reached
6.8% engagement rate

Learn how creators inspired their audience to #movewithstadium

20 creators
39 pieces of content
163,500 followers reached
14.0% engagement rate

Learn how outdoor creators jumpstarted Telia’s new service

37 creators
46 pieces of content
227,340 followers reached
4.1% engagement rate

Learn how Simple created stellar content with lifestyle creators

Join the world’s leading brands and agencies

Over 3,000 brands and agencies around the globe are already using inzpire.me

From big global brands to small local businesses, our diverse group of creators can create content that amplifies your brand story.

Transparent pricing

We’re clear and upfront about our costs – there are no hidden fees or long-term commitments.

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Learn how we can create campaigns customized to your needs. Shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.