Get more collaborations with a free media kit that tells brands everything they need to know

Tell your story through media kits! You’ll get a stunning digital portfolio with valuable data in just a few steps, so you can spend your time sharing it with brands.

Create a media kit

What’s a media kit?

Media kits are digital portfolios that you use to introduce yourself and your services to brands. They share information about who you are and your social media channels in a visual way, so brands can see why you’re the perfect creator to work with!

What insights are
in the media kit?

Your free media kit will be packed with information and data that brands are looking for, such as:

  • Performance metrics for Instagram and YouTube
  • Audience demographics
  • Pricing for different collaborations
  • Reviews and results from collaborations on
  • External collaborations completed outside
  • Biography and photo portfolio

Why generate a media kit on

Easy to put together

Sign up to and a polished, visual media kit will be generated for you in just a few steps!

It’s always up-to-date

The data in your media kit is automatically updated on a regular basis, so you won’t need to spend time doing it yourself!

More brand partnerships

Your media kit contains valuable data and insights for your Instagram and YouTube that show brands why they should work with you.

Customized introduction

Add your twist to the media kit by writing an introduction, adding external collaborations, and using our Instagram Pricing Calculator to set your pricing.

Shareable with any brand

Each media kit has a unique sharing link. This makes it easy for you to share it with brands you want to collaborate with.

How to create a media kit on

Sign up to
Your profile is approved on the platform
Your shareable media kit is created
Your media kit is also visible to thousands of our registered brands who can send you booking requests
Once you receive a booking request, you choose whether to accept, decline, or negotiate it

If you accept the booking request from the brand, they'll be charged. Your fee will be kept securely until you complete the collaboration.

Create a media kit

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