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The next generation of marketing is here

Reach people worldwide with content that engages

Our platform gives you access to a growing network of over 10,000 influential content creators. Connect with them to share your brand story in a unique and authentic way, while managing all your collaborations in an end-to-end solution.

  • 6,094,000 Weekly website sessions
  • 32,166,000 Subscribers
  • 80,500 listeners
The next generation of marketing is here

How does it work?

A simple walkthrough of our product

Our product is built for usability and simplicity. Scroll down to see how you can launch a campaign in 4 simple steps

1. Find and contact top creators

  • Sophisticated filters

    Filter creators by location, cost, category, follower size, and more to browse our database of 10,000+ creators.

  • Visible Engagement Rates and Audience

    Gain insights on creators by viewing their engagement rates and audience demographics — age, gender, and country (coming soon).

  • Organize with Shortlists

    Keep track of your favorite creators by saving them to Shortlists. Add them directly to a campaign in 1-click.

1. Find and contact top influencers

2. Create a Campaign

  • Brief templates

    Save time with pre-defined creator brief templates that matches your campaign objectives. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

  • Customize briefs for each creator

    Easily make changes to briefs and suggested payments for each creator in your campaign.

  • Always on strategy

    Add additional creators to an existing campaign at any point to run ongoing campaigns that last multiple months.

2. Create a Campaign

3. Manage and measure your campaigns

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Use the Dashboard to visualize and manage every step of your campaign. Add Labels to keep track of specific collaborations.

  • Track campaign performance

    Access key metrics — engagement, impressions, and reach — immediately after a creator has posted.

3. Manage and measure your campaigns

4. Handle incoming collaboration requests

  • Referral Key

    Share your Referral Key with creators who send you collaboration requests on Instagram, email, or other social media channels to funnel all your collaborations to 1 place.

  • Time-saving screenings

    Screen creators through our Direct Messages overview.

4. Handle incoming collaboration requests

...and there's so much more

Easily streamline your workflow with our key features

Sophisticated search

Filter on location, language, fee & more to search for content creators

Easy payments

Payments are kept safe in escrow during a collaboration

Auto Reporting

Access the results of an Instagram campaign after it’s completed

Across all channels

Collaborate in 7 major channels on 1 platform

Campaign management

Monitor campaigns with innovative management tools

Referral Key

Share your Referral Key to funnel and screen all your incoming collaboration requests in 1 place

Simple communication

Send personalized briefs and messages to content creators

Our work

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Learn how major brands have used inzpire.me to leverage creators to drive sales and create content at scale.

30 creators
60 pieces of content
279,080 followers reached
6.8% engagement rate

Learn how creators inspired their audience to #movewithstadium

20 creators
39 pieces of content
163,500 followers reached
14.0% engagement rate

Learn how outdoor creators jumpstarted Telia’s new service

37 creators
46 pieces of content
227,340 followers reached
4.1% engagement rate

Learn how Simple created stellar content with lifestyle creators

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