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What other creators say about is an exceptional platform because everything is set up for both brands and creators to work together professionally. I love the diversity of brands on their platform, and how they have a review system in place that reflects the quality of work you do.

Charlotte S. Karlsen
Charlotte S. Karlsen
62 collaborations on

It’s been excellent using as a platform for different collaborations. They’re working with great brands and I enjoy creating posts for them. I love the fact that they allow me to be creative by encouraging me to create posts in my own way. Because of, I’ve now established good relationships with brands that I’d love to work with again in the future!

Stine Næss-Hartmann
Stine Næss-Hartmann
37 collaborations on

Working with has been easy! The platform is free, it’s quick to sign up, and it allows you to be discovered by brands and receive paid collaborations. This leaves you more time to focus on what you’re good at, creating content.

So if you’re a content creator like me and need a platform to connect with brands, this one’s for you! As a cherry on top of the cake, the folks at are super kind and helpful.

Maria Vanonen
Maria Vanonen
3 collaborations on

We’ve had a profile on for over two years and have received so many fun collaborations! By creating a profile, brands can easily discover you and send requests for paid collaborations. It’s free and safe to use, with only serious brands and collaborations, and you can accept or decline offers as you like.

Kristine Kjenne
Kristine Kjenne
15 collaborations on

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