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We do the work

25 %

Of the campaign budget

  • Influencer suggestions

    We’ll find you the right influencers for your campaigns.

  • Our expert advice

    We'll work with you to compose a brief and build impactful campaigns.

  • Managed collaborations

    We’ll contact, follow up, and manage the influencers in your campaigns.

  • Customized reporting

    We'll send you a report with key metrics at the end of each campaign.

* Minimum budget applies


You take charge

5 %

On top of payments to influencers

  • 15,000+ registered influencers

    View an influencer's content, engagement, and reviews at a glance.

  • Safe payment system

    Your funds will be kept safe in escrow until your campaigns are completed.

  • Easily manage your campaign

    Use our Dashboard, Shortlists, and Notification system to stay on top of your collaborations.

  • Automated reporting for Instagram

    Get the results of your campaigns immediately after influencers share their content.

* No minimum budget

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