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Our network of influencers are not advertisers, they're storytellers. As content experts, they have the power to reimagine your brand's story and share it with a passionate audience.

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We make it easy for brands to discover, connect with and pay influencers to share inspiring stories

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    1. Discover

    Use smart filters to search and discover exciting new influencers.
  • Connect

    2. Connect

    Create booking requests or send direct messages to connect.
  • Collaborate

    3. Collaborate

    Manage collaborations and payments on your dashboard.
  • Review

    4. Review

    Review each other on your experience after a collaboration is completed.
You're in good company

You're in good company

We're trusted by over 700 brands across all industries

Everyone is important. From big global brands to small local businesses, our diverse group of influencers can amplify your brand story.
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    How Green Dot Used Influencer Marketing to Promote Recycling
  • Blog

    A guide to influencer marketing on Instagram


    Why 2017 is the year of the influencer marketing

...and there's so much more

Easily streamline your workflow with our key features
  • Sophisticated search

    Filter on location, language, fee & more to search for influencers

  • Easy payments

    Payments are kept safe in escrow during a collaboration

  • Transparency

    Leave a review on your collaboration experience

  • Across all channels

    Collaborate in 8 major social media channels on a single platform

  • Campaign management

    Monitor campaigns with innovative management tools

  • Targeted audience

    Reach 385M people - we have a presence in over 100 countries

  • Simple communication

    Send personalized briefs and messages to influencers

  • 12/7 support

    Drive campaign success with a passionate support team

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