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Deliver best-in-class influencer marketing in a cost-effective way. Find high-performing creators, target your audience, and track results through the funnel — from awareness to sales.

Full-funnel influencer marketing with local creators

Connect with local, high-quality creators or talent agencies and their talent rosters across any niche or size in one place. You’ll have access to first-party data to pinpoint the right creators and drive results — whether it’s sales, revenue, or ROAS. Working with creators doesn’t get easier than that.

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Increase in conversions
Brand uplift
Increase in website visitors
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Whether it’s advice on strategy or campaign support, our team of experts has your back.

Our influencer campaign was a great success and the results in sales have been amazing! Engaging our target audience with content on social media is getting more difficult, and the engagement rate in our campaign proved we managed to engage our audience with relevant content from relevant influencers.

Henriette Skådinn
Henriette Skådinn
Marketing & Sales Coordinator
Mindshare has become an important tool for our process when working with influencers. We’re able to find the right influencers with the help of categories and audience demographics on the platform, and we get valuable, up-to-date insights on the influencers.

Anine Andrea Namork
Anine Andrea Namork
Advisor, Social & Content

The features on help us reach the correct audience demographic, receive good content that we could reuse in ads, magazines, and social media, and see each influencer’s results.

Mahsa Bahadori
Mahsa Bahadori
Marketing & Sales Coordinator

The influencer space is a rather new and complex environment and the team has supported us greatly by providing us with innovative technology and client servicing. As a multiplatform brand, we use to leverage a content creator program across 5 countries and 5 brand platforms, which is an ongoing success.

Florian Chevallier
Florian Chevallier
Marketing Director,
Western Europe at Monster Energy
Monster Energy

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What you can do with

Build, launch, and scale your influencer marketing campaigns end-to-end.

Find the right creators for the job

Choose from a wide array of pre-vetted creators. Narrow your search based on set criteria, including audience demographics, category, and follower size. Use first-party performance insights to focus your efforts on the most relevant creators.

Brands using first-party data in key marketing activations achieve up to 2.9x revenue uplift.

  • Browse pre-vetted creators and talent agencies.
  • Access first-party performance data.
  • Use advanced search filters.
  • Save creators to shortlists.

Craft campaigns that hit the mark

Tailor your campaigns effortlessly according to your goals and budgets, to get the results and content you’re looking for. Invite all relevant creators to collaborate at once, whether it’s a handful of them, or hundreds.

On average, marketers using see 62% acceptance rates for collaboration requests, up to 2.8x higher than cold emailing.

  • Communicate with creators at scale.
  • Invite creators to apply to your campaign.
  • Create custom campaign briefs.
  • Get creator pricing suggestions based on data.

Get your time back with automation

Eliminate manual processes with an automation-first approach. locates, tracks, and adds all content and results from creators in real-time, so you can focus on building relationships with creators.

Automation and tools save marketers on 67% of their time managing campaigns.

  • Follow creators’ progress with a Dashboard.
  • See content and results added in real-time.
  • Add labels with important reminders.
  • Send tax-compliant payments.

Report on the metrics that matter

Measure performance at every stage of the buyer journey. Have conduct brand lift studies, or set up custom tracking links. Reports automatically update with your results. Hit export to view results alongside your other marketing activities.

Brands on have seen a 1.5x uplift in brand awareness and a 5x increase in engagement.

  • Analyze individual and overall results.
  • Export results in CSV.
  • Download creator content to reuse.
  • Track all KPIs, from brand lift to revenue.

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